A traineeship is a personal development programme that aims to provide you with valuable work experience and also gain vital Maths and English qualifications.

Depending on your chosen career, we’ll place you with an employer so you can learn on-the-job and get a feel for what it’s like to work. This work experience will help you decide whether the particular role and industry is right for you.

If you need help with Maths and English, we’ll give you functional skills training which you’ll receive on-site at your employer’s location or in a classrooms environment at our training centre in Peterlee.

Traineeships aren’t paid, but we will cover your weekly travel expenses and provide you with your uniform if required.

If you are currently in receipt of Job Seekers Allowance or Universal Credit you will still be able to participate in the programme, just make sure you discuss this with your Advisor first.

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Why a Traineeship?

  • Gain crucial skills and work experience that employer’s desire
  • Unlock your great potential and become ‘work ready’
  • Stand out from the crowd and show you are motivated and committed
  • Get tools needed to prepare you for work
  • Hands on experience with a high-quality employer work placement
  • Support with Maths and English if you need it
  • Career advice and guidance to boost your career prospects

Are you Eligible?

  • Unemployed or very little work experience
  • Aged 16-20 and qualified below Level 3
  • Eligible to work in England

If you have some work experience but unsure if you qualify, contact us at and we will help.

What about after the Traineeship?

We just don’t want to get you through the Traineeship – we want to help you secure your next step in your career.  The natural progression after the Traineeship is an Apprenticeship.  We have a vast employer network who are on the lookout to get new talent into their business – we help you secure the right employer and more importantly, in the right industry.